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Translucent glass SGG DECORGLASS

SGG DECORGLASS is a collection of translucent glass panels with relief printed patterns. Achieved by rolling the cast glass between two cylinders, these printed glasses can be clear or can have a yellow or bronze colour. Consisting of a smooth side and an engraved side (with the exception of SGG SR LISTRAL L: 2 printed sides), the glass panes come in several thicknesses.


  • Daylight comfort
    Daylight comfort
  • Design
  • Privacy



The Translucent glass panes in the SGG DECORGLASS range enable the protection of privacy while allowing light to pass through. They adapt to suit various interior or exterior applications and are used for the design of residential, tertiary or commercial spaces.

  • Layout

Partitions, screens, doors, shower screens or cubicles, guardrails, staircases, floor slabs.

  • Furniture

Tables, shelves, furniture, office furniture, reception desks, cupboard doors.

  • External application

Windows, entrance doors, fa├žade coverings, urban furniture, balcony partitions.


Depending on the model, SGG DECORGLASS glass panels can be:

  • assembled in double glazing units;
  • assembled in laminated (1) SGG STADIP orr SGG STADIP PROTECT safety glass units (reinforced protection);
  • assembled in laminated (1) SGG STADIP SILENCE acoustic safety glass units (acoustic insulation);
  • tempered or enamelled (2) (Safety);
  • moulded, rounded, silvered, lacquered or sanded.


  • Cutting

All printed glasses have a right way around. In order to achieve a uniform aesthetic result, the direction of the panes must be considered with cutting, and they must then be positioned alongside one another, facing the same direction.

  • Assembly

The positioning of the printed side of the glass in a double glazing unit must take into account the table on page 6. In order to facilitate its maintenance, it is advised that you place the printed side as side 2, 3 or 4 of the double glazing unit.

  • Fitting

The fitting of reinforced glass panels from the SGG WIRED range above a heat source is strongly discouraged. In the case of installation in a wet environment or one that is subject to considerable air pollution, the edges of the SGG WIRED glass panel must be protected.

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