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Anti-condensation glass 

SGG VIEWCLEAR® II is a glass designed to significantly reduce the number of external condensation days impacting upon an insulating glazing unit. It can be combined with many other high performance low-E products from the Saint-Gobain Glass range.


  • Anti-condensation
  • Daylight comfort


SGG VIEWCLEAR® II maintains clear and neutral asthetics in both transmission and reflection, and maximises the entry of natural light into the building. It is also designed for ease of processing and edge-deletion is not required.

As legislation has evolved, the demands on thermal performance of windows continues to increase. This, combined with innovations such as triple glazing, present the industry with a challenge – how to deliver windows with exceptional thermal performance without compromising the view – impacted by the build of condensation on the exterior pane of glass. Now, there is a unique solution, SGG VIEWCLEAR® II.

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Combined with SGG PLANITHERM® products, SGG VIEWCLEAR® II offers excellent thermal insulation and anti-condensation performance for a range of applications including:



  • Windows and skylights
  • Conservatories
  • Roof windows



  • Façades and large area windows
  • Structural glazing
  • Overhead glazing

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