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Laminated glass for protection of people and goods.

SGG STADIP PROTECT is a laminated glass that brings protection for people and living places. SGG STADIP PROTECT is composed of two or more sheets of glass laminated together with plastic foils (PVB) than ensures different level of safety and security.  The required level of protection could be reached by adapting the thickness of glass and number of PVB foils.

SGG STADIP PROTECT gives different level of protection in terms of safety and security for a wide range of applications :

  • Windows, roof windows, bay and door windows
  • Conservatories, roof/sloping glazing
  • Overheads, balustrades and guardrails
  • Glazed facades, skylights, spandrels

  • Daylight comfort
    Daylight comfort
  • Design
  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Security
  • UV Protection
    UV Protection


Protection of buildings and occupants is increasingly required to comply with national regulations, insurance purposes or simply to fulfil occupants needs, to protect against risk of injury, burglary or vandalism. In homes or offices, the use of SGG STADIP PROTECT glasses can offer appropriate safety and security levels to meet the combined criterion of protection, without compromise on the aesthetics and the performances of the glazing.

SGG STADIP PROTECT, comprises two or more sheets of glass bonded together with two or more layers of a plastic film called PVB.

Laminated glasses with different levels of safety (e.g 1B1 or 2B2) and security (e.g. P2A-P5A) can be obtained by varying the number and/or thickness of each of the components. If the glass breaks, the fragments of glass remain bonded to the plastic foil. This safety feature, which is often mandatory by local regulations (for example in public buildings, schools..), is also ideal for residential buildings, where it protects the occupants from injury.

Additionally SGG STADIP PROTECT also prevents the body or the object from passing through the glass and minimizing the risk of fragments fallinginto the space below.

Last, SGG STADIP PROTECT glass, installed in an appropriate frame, can be an important deterrent to ensure the security of property and occupants in a building or a home, thus reducing risk of burglary or impact of vandalism.

Depending on the composition, SGG STADIP PROTECT could then meet the regulatory requirements and user needs in terms of protection for a wide range of applications:

  • Injury and risk of falling
  • Burglary and vandalism
  • Firearms and explosion

SGG STADIP PROTECT can be combined with other glass functions: thermal insulation, solar protection, design or patterned glass, self-cleaning.