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Low-E glass with advanced thermal insulation properties 

SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N is an advanced performance low-E coating, further extending the SGG PLANITHERM family, Europe's best selling low-emissivity (low-E) glass and one of the UK's leading offline low-E coating brands.

It is manufactured on our magnetron coater using a unique combination of metal oxide layers which are applied to high quality SGG PLANICLEAR clear float glass using a magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering process under vacuum conditions.


  • Daylight comfort
  • Energy saving
  • Summer comfort
  • Winter comfort


Enhanced Thermal Insulation

  • with an optimum centre-pane U-value of 1.1W/m2K (90% argon-filled), SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N can comfortably meet current Building Regulations by improving whole window U-values for all frame types
  • particularly suited to commercial applications using steel and aluminium frames for optimum energy efficiency
  • helps to reduce heating requirements
  • considerable reductions in heating bills
  • environmentally friendly solution, given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption


Comfort & Aesthetics

  • helps to eliminate cold areas around windows resulting in greater comfort
  • maximises use of living and working areas
  • reduces incidence of condensation on the inner pane
  • neutral appearance in both transmission and reflection
  • maximises entry of natural daylight



SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N offers superior thermal insulation properties for the most demanding of glass specifications, where neutrality and excellent performance are paramount.

Commercial Solutions:

  • Façades and windows
  • Structural glazing
  • Overhead glazing


Also Suitable For Residential Solutions:

  • Windows and skylights
  • Patio doors, French doors and other external doors
  • Conservatories and sunrooms

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