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New generation advanced performance low-E glass 

New improved SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ represents the next generation of low-emissivity (low-E) coating technology and is the UK and Ireland's leading low-E coating brand. Developed specifically for the particular needs of the UK market, SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ has been optimised for Window Energy Ratings (WERs) making it one of the most energy efficient low-E glass products available today. Using the very latest advancements in magnetron coating technology from Saint-Gobain Glass, this new coating combines much improved processing qualities and performance, whilst maintaining the excellent aesthetics that are expected from the SGG PLANITHERM range. Discover more and find your local installer at
SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is an extremely versatile low-E solution suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications:


- Windows and skylights

- Patio doors, French doors and other external doors


- Façades/windows

- Curtain walling

- Structural glazing

- Overhead glazing


  • Daylight comfort
    Daylight comfort
  • Energy-saving
    Energy saving
  • Summer comfort
    Summer comfort
  • Winter comfort
    Winter comfort


By combining SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ with other specialist glass products available from the Saint-Gobain Glass range, a multitude of high performance, multi-functional glazing solutions can be achieved.
· Solar Control Glazing: The SGG COOL-LITE family presents an extensive range of solar control solutions, designed to reduce solar heat gain, thereby reducing reliance on ventilation and air conditioning systems.
· Low-maintenance Glazing: SGG BIOCLEAN can be combined with SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ to add effective self-cleaning properties to a double glazed unit. This product combination offers a significantly more neutral and less reflective solution compared to equivalent products currently available on the market.
· Acoustic Glazing: SGG STADIP SILENCE is an acoustic PVB laminated glass, which noticeably reduces noise whilst also offering the same safety and security characteristics as laminated glass.
· Vision Control: SGG DECORGLASS is a range of traditional patterned glass with varying obscuration levels which can be combined with SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ to offer privacy in various applications. SGG MASTERGLASS (a range of contemporary geometric textured glass) and SGG SATINOVO MATT (acid-etched glass) offer further design possibilities for commercial or domestic applications
· Window Energy Ratings: Combining SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ with SGG DIAMANT low-iron glass in the outer pane can improve the energy index of a given window by further increasing solar gain.
· Anti-Condensation: SGG VIEWCLEAR® II is a neutral anticondensation coating designed to significantly reduce the number of days where external condensation may occur on an insulating glazing unit.