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SGG BIOCLEAN- Self Cleaning Glass

Low-maintenance self-cleaning glass

BIOCLEAN is a low-maintenance self-cleaning glass manufactured by depositing a transparent and permanent layer of photocatalytic and hydrophilic material onto the glass. The combined natural action of the sun and the rain allows to keep the glass cleaner longer and easier to clean. All properties and aspect of SGG BIOCLEAN are identical to normal glass.


  • Self cleaning
    Self cleaning
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SGG BIOCLEAN self-cleaning glass reduces the chore of the window cleaning. It has been designed for external use, either for application in residential or non residential buildings, including:

  • Windows, roof windows, bay windows
  • Conservatories, roof and patio doors
  • Glazed facades, skylights, overhead and atria glazings
  • Guardails


Either in residential or commercial building, the cleaning of windows is a fastidious task for occupant or for the building owner in terms of maintenance cost.Thanks to the hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties of the coating on the glass surface SGG BIOCLEAN® brings a real answer to limit glass cleaning and associated drawbacks chore and cost of cleaning.


The coating is permanent. SGG BIOCLEAN®  functionality will remain the same over the life of the glazing. The coating is highly transparent. It will not modify other functions of the glazing (thermal insulation, solar protection, acoustic performances.)


The principle of SGG BIOCLEAN® relies on the natural action of the sun and the rain (or water).

SGG BIOCLEAN® harnesses the UV rays present in daylight (photocatalysis) to efficiently break down organic dirt and grime located on the exterior face of the glass. Then, thanks to the hydrophilic property, rain (or water) forms a layer of water across the glass and washes away the broken- down organic dirt and mineral materials.

These combined properties allow :

  • Easiness of maintenance. Dirt sticks less on the glass, a simple water spray is enough to wash… A real time saving !
  • Less maintenance means also less detergent use and limited working costs. A globally sustainable approach.
  • To keep glazing clear over the time. You can now keep benefit of a clear view on the external world.
  • To keep clean windows difficult to reach. You will not feel guilty to let your roof windows or your conservatory dirty.


SGG BIOCLEAN® should never be considered as a glass which requires no maintenance.