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Design with Overlength Glass

Logistics and Handling

Transportation and handling of Overlength glass is managed in a smooth and safe manner, despite the challenges of heavy loads and narrow inner-city construction sites and routes.

Saint-Gobain has been involved in projects with Overlength glass for over 50 years, so architects and specialist planners can rely on the company's comprehensive experience and worldwide Overlength network.

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Get the partner network involved early

In construction projects with overlength glass, it is recommended that all partners get involved early. This will ensure that the characteristic features of the construction, the detailed planning for the building and any special transport variants, routes or installation techniques can be integrated into the logistic concept in time.


Overlength truck loading

Transport with an 18-metre truck, developed by Saint-Gobain

Specialised companies are involved at every stage

  • Managing the transport of Overlength glass from the plant to the construction site – across the globe
  • Registering special shipments and establishing possible routes
  • Transporting loose glass in an inloader or in specially reinforced transport crates, as required
  • Delivery determined by the installation sequence
  • Shipping for glass up to approx. 12 metres in 40-foot standard containers, longer lengths in open top containers
  • Loading and unloading Overlength glass with special vacuum glass lifters for loads of up to 10 tonnes and lengths of 18 metres
  • Installation at the construction site: turning, pivoting or tilting the glazing to position it in all conventional installations

Important factors in the logistics of Overlength projects

  • A timely agreement with the logistics partners – early on in the planning phase
  • Routing to the construction site
  • Manoeuvring space for trucks
  • Flat and sufficiently large unloading zones
  • Registration deadlines for special shipments (by road) and/or open top containers (by sea), if necessary

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