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Safety glazing for comfort and well-being!

What is laminated glass?

What is laminated glass?

Unlike ordinary glass, laminated glass is a safety and security glass that is made by sandwiching a PVB sheet (plastic interlayer) between two pieces of glass. This means that if the glass gets broken, the interlayer will maintain the whole piece together preventing from having a hole that can let intruders get in for example, or having large free shards that can cut.



This glass transformation not only increases safety, but can also be added for decorative effects thanks to our large range of finished products with:

  • customised dimensions

  • possibility of assembling two sheets of glass together

  • decorative finishes or technical functions that can be inserted between the sheets of glass (printed film, fabric, mesh, active films, safety insert, etc.)


Laminated safety glass is used in building and housing products. It is also used in automotive and transport industries. It plays a major role in overhead glazing like skylights, glass ceilings and roofs or greenhouses.

Safety glazing for comfort and well-being!

In the event of breaking or in case of an impact, the interlayer of laminated glass will keep the layers of glass bonded and its high strength prevents it from breaking up into large sharp pieces. Feel safe and cosy and enhance your well-being thanks to our glazing solutions.

Don’t forget that security glass can be combined with other glass functions for additional comfort: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, low-maintenance and decorative glass.

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