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Fire resistant glass

Fire resistant glass products from Saint-Gobain Glass adhere to standards and regulations to ensure maximum safety.

As protection is a priority in building conception, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain provides you with high-security and confidence to protect people, assets and buildings against the combined threats of physical attack and fire. Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is a company fully specialised in the development, manufacture and distribution of sustainable fire-resistant and fire rated glass. Enjoy all the benefits of glass, while feeling safe and comfortable in secured living places: light, visibility, design, transparency.


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Fire resistance

High security






By answering specific demands in terms of building occupancy and risk analysis, we constantly develop and improve our fire resistant glass solutions to ensure that they answer to all markets and applications’ needs. We carry out nearly 500 tests per year – within external as well as our own internal test laboratories– we can assist you in your project to find the most suitable safety glass solution. This also entails monitoring sustainability and taking our environmental responsibilities seriously to safeguard our common future.

For commercial, healthcare, educational, hospitality and public buildings, as well as marine applications of all kinds, the Vetrotech team can provide you with its expertise and advices to fulfill all your life-safety glazing requirements.

Discover the applications we specialise in:

Vetrotech Fire Resistant Glass





We are dedicated to delivering fire resistant glass solutions with industrial excellence and reliable delivery but also to making your projects as special as possible. This is why, in addition to delivering standard life-safety solutions, we offer you an extensive range of glazing options & features you can combine like thermal or sound insulation, solar control, screen printing and many more.

Beyond protection, all Vetrotech solutions can be combined with other solutions of the Saint-Gobain range to meet many additional requirements  


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Extra safety

Vetrotech Fire Resistant Glass

+ Protection
The PRO range offers security and confidence in the face of the combined threats of physical penetration and fire, ideal for fire doors & sidelights.

+ Alarm
SECURIT ALARM sounds an active alert when broken for an elevated need of precaution.

+ Floors
Bring natural daylight deep into the building with LITE FLOOR, a walkable or drivable glass floor/skylight with fire resistance up to 2 hours.

+ EMS shielding
EMS STADIP is the right solution to block electromagnetic radiation, to protect equipment from electronic interference or prevent eavesdropping in sensitive areas of a building.

+ Radar interference
CONTRARADAR can increase flight safety by preventing unwanted radar reflection to control towers from nearby buildings.

+ Clear view
THERMOVIT electrically-heated glass guarantees a safe view to the outside by preventing the creation of condensation or frost.



Vetrotech Fire Resistant Glass

+ Double glazing
Thermally insulated CLIMAPLUS with Low-E coating is key to reducing the energy consumption of buildings and maximizing natural light – resulting in a smaller impact on the environment.

+ Triple glazing
Go the extra mile with CLIMATOP by getting the highest insulating properties with triple glazed units – our planet will thank you!

+ Solar control
Interior spaces are protected from overheating while managing daylight with the range of Saint-Gobain solar control coatings such as COOL-LITE. A cool and sustainable solution.

+ Tinting
PARSOL is our range of body-tinted glass. Choose your colored appearance and desired visible daylight transmission properties.

+ Self-cleaning
SGG BIOCLEAN glass limits the need for chemical cleaning materials or large amounts of fresh water. Who doesn’t want less cleaning?



Vetrotech Fire Resistant Glass

+ Coloring
Limitless color options await you with laminated STADIP COLOR or EMALIT enamel-colored glass.

+ Screen printing
SERALIT is perfect for applying repetitive patterns such as dots, stripes, squares, logos, or whatever crosses your mind, on a glass surface.

+ Digital printing
PICTUREiT can be used to permanently print complex patterns, pictures and text on glass surfaces and create unique designs.

+ Shapes
Glass is very dynamic and so are the forms that you can create with it. We offer a wide range of different shapes to realise your modern architectural designs.

+ Curving
Architects often use bent glass to make their structures look and feel more natural. Many of our products can provide curved solutions.

+ Edging
Use translucency to bring a special touch with SGG SATINOVO.


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