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Fire glass classification EW: Radiation Control

Prevent fire spreading and help to create safe evacuation routes by using fire resistant radiation control (EW) glass.

Fire can also spread by way of heat radiation. Fire-resistant glass in category EW: Radiation Control reduces the amount of energy passing through the glass, which can prevent fire from spreading and create safe evacuation passages.

Fire-resistant glass in category EW: Radiation Control maintains all the integrity performance of E (resistance to flames and smoke) when exposed to fire on one side, and also provides some heat resistance, keeping the amount of radiant heat transfer to below 15 kW/m2 on the unexposed side. This is important because limiting the degree of heat transmission can stop the spontaneous combustion of materials on the safe side and can make the safe evacuation and passage of people possible.

Contraflam from GLASSOLUTIONS is a range of fire-resistant safety glass that offers radiation control.