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An innovative mirror with exceptional purity

The environmental footprint of SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION has been reduced by working on each stage of its life cycle.


  • Design
  • Environment


The properties of SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION promote the enhancement of interior spaces (increased brightness, warmth, ambience enhanced by the original designs).

It can be used in the home (bathroom, traffic areas...) and in professional spaces such as offices, retail spaces, restaurants, sports halls etc. In different forms, it enables the creation of new spaces: mirror framed or unframed, wall cladding, piece of furniture (table, cupboard door, shelf), sign etc.

Produced without the use of toxic substances, it contributes to the maintenance of an environment that is conducive to good health and well-being. Quality and durability remain unchanged, a property that is the result of a major Research & Development program. As a result of these aesthetic assets, it enables the creation of bright and spacious living spaces.

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