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Are you sick of cleaning your windows?

We have a self-cleaning glass solution for you

What is low-maintenance self-cleaning glass?

We all know that cleaning windows, especially if there are a lot of them, can be a very fastidious task.

Several factors can make cleaning windows more complicated:

  • if they are big and/or many of them, the task will be lengthy and tedious

  • if they are difficult to access, such as the windows in fixed panes without any top opening, or conservatory roof glass, it may even be impossible to clean them.

People clean their windows on average once a month. 45% of people are interested in the idea of a « self-cleaning » or an « easy-to-clean » glass (results are coming from the SOFRES study on windows cleaning by the individuals).

Do you want to reduce the chore of cleaning your windows or conservatory? We have the solution for you.

Today, there is a solution that significantly simplifies cleaning. This is our easy-to-clean glazing. Using SGG BIOCLEAN “self-cleaning” glass is a highly effective solution. Its performances meet with individual’s expectations.

Our unique solution reduces the need for cleaning exterior glazing through a dual-action coating. It uses daylight and rain to break down and wash away organic dirt.

A self-cleaning glass! Is it magic? Of course not!

How does self-cleaning glass work?

Self-cleaning glass is glass with a special ‘hydrophilic’ and ‘photocatalytic’ coating on one face. without altering the transparency of the glazing. This coating is activated using UV rays present in daylight. The photocatalytic action actually breaks down organic dirt that lands on the surface and prevents inorganic (mineral) dirt from sticking to it. The rain water washes away the organic dirt.

The efficiency of SGG BIOCLEAN complies with the European Self-cleaning norm for glass EN 1096-5.

SGG BIOCLEAN is very high-tech coated glass that can be selected together with most other comforts (acoustic, safety and solar protection).


  • A permanent self-cleaning coating that lasts the lifetime of the window

  • Perfect for your conservatory roof and other hard to reach areas that are difficult to clean

  • Glass stays cleaner for longer

  • Less dirt and grime adheres to the glass so any cleaning is quick and easy

  • Ongoing cost savings with reduced window cleaning bills

  • Kinder to the environment with a less frequent use of water and detergents

  • Clear view outside even when it's raining thanks to the sheeting effect

  • Available in a choice of four tint options: natura, solara, azura and aqua to match your precise specification requirements

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