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Let in more light with Saint-Gobain glazing solutions

Glass: A source of natural light and well-being

Glass: A source of light and well-being

We spend 90% of our time indoors.

There is a vast scientific literature on the benefits of allowing natural daylight into buildings and having views to the outside world. These studies show key connections between natural light and mood, productivity and even quality of sleep.

Daylighting glazing from Saint-Gobain allows natural light to flow into living and work spaces. This is beneficial to health and saves on the cost of artificial lighting. In addition, the use of translucent glass ensures a balance between natural light and privacy.

The higher the light transmission of your glazing, the less artificial light is needed. The clarity of spaces, transparency, play of colours, and even the intimacy created by shadows, must accompany and facilitate the multitude of activities that characterise our daily life.


Thanks to its transparent properties, daylighting glazing has a unique ability to provide daylight into buildings and visual connection to the outside world. As such, it fulfils many functions like no other construction materials and these translate into direct benefits for buildings' occupants:

- Improvement of comfort and well-being

- Increased visual quality of internal spaces and valorised building investment

- Provision of a healthier - and healing - environment

- Increased focus, learning and productivity

Enhance your happiness and your well-being with our daylighting glazing.

Let in more light with Saint-Gobain glazing solutions

How to make the most of Saint-Gobain's daylighting glazing:

  • open up areas where we spend 80% of our time during the day, such as kitchens, dining rooms and reception rooms
  • provide a well-lit space in each room to help our children's development. From early baby games to learning to read or doing homework, natural light must accompany the psychomotor development of the child
  • design houses/buildings so that all living areas have access to opening windows
  • take the external surroundings into account (nearby buildings, vegetation, natural features). An object that is 10 metres high located some 15 metres from the facade can cause a reduction by about 40% in the amount of natural light available at a point five metres into the room space
  • provide natural illumination from more than one direction wherever possible. The presence of openings on two opposite facades balances the levels of illumination and softens shadows. This helps open up the room space
  • do not forget that balconies or eaves impede natural light. It is therefore desirable to compensate for this by using larger panes of glass or creating additional openings
  • illuminate the last floor from the roof, to create light wells. For a given surface area, roof lights provide two to three times more natural light than facade glazing. The creation of openings in the roof also makes it possible to make the spaces more dynamic and to make optimum use of the roof spaces
  • introduce natural light into basements from the building perimeter. The creation of openings, even small ones, helps with orientation and safe access to basements.
  • introduce natural light in building areas requiring privacy, a good option is translucent glass, which allows a good level of light whilst maintaining privacy.

Make the right glass choice among a wide range of glass and don’t wait to take advantage of natural light!

“[...] It is ridiculous to think that an electric light bulb can replace what the sun and the seasons accomplish. It is natural light that gives architectural space its sense of authenticity."

Louis I. Kahn**

** The architectural works of Louis I. Kahn (1901-1974) are characterized by audacity and rigor of form, combining the quality of spatial relationships with historical references. His major works are the Exeter Library and the National Assembly Building in Dhaka.

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